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Table Coasters with Beautiful Rug Patterns

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table coaster with rug designs

In this blog, we want to share with you some details about out  table coasters with the various Oriental and Turkish rug designs. 

The idea behind all our coasters (and in fact all our products) is to combine utility with a beautiful design. We aim to produce beautiful table coasters that you enjoy featuring in your home. But at the same time, they need to protect your serving area against scratches and spills. 

All our coasters have four unique features that sets them aside from other coasters:

  • The top of each coaster is a colorful carpet with various Oriental and Turkish rug designs
  • Each surface rug is adhered to a thin rubber backing for protection
  • There are white fringes on each end of the coaster
  • The surface of each coaster is washable

The Designs

We carry over 20 unique carpet coaster designs, each having a different predominant color and pattern. Most of our coasters come in sets of 4, and we have tried to combine the most fitting designs together. Below is a sample of such sets.  Click here for all our table coasters with rug designs.


We offer two kinds of table coasters with carpet designs, and the difference is the way the surface rug is made and how it feels to the touch.

Velvety Print

These are our most loved coasters. The surface of each coaster is a print of a carpet on top of a velvet-like fabric that gives the coaster a raised-surface feeling. Each end has white fringes. Each coaster is about 5" x 3", with a 1/16" backing. Click below to see the assorted sets.

Tapestry Style

Tapestry style carpets that feel smooth and shiny. These type were made in a tapestry style weaving of the carpet and so the surface is flat and smooth. These coasters are 6"x4", with a 1/16" backing. We carry over 10 designs for these types. Click links below for details.

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